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Contact us at 323-585-0777 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm pst
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When ordering

a Minimum opening order is $500.00.
a Reorder minimum is $500.00.
a All items must be ordered according to the minimum order quantities. Please specify item numbers.
a We reserve the right to ship all back orders unless specifically instructed in writing to cancel all back orders


a All prices are wholesale and subject to change without notice.


a FOB - South Gate, CA 90280
a For customers inside the United States, we ship via UPS, FedEx Ground, and LTL common carriers.

Methods of payment

a Prepaid (Make checks payable to: Privilege International, Inc.)
a COD Accounts and/or shipments will not be accepted.
a Net 30 Days - Accounts are payable in full Net 30 Days from the date of invoice. Past due invoices are subject to interests charges at the highest rate applicable by law on the unpaid balance. All Privilege invoices must be paid in full with no deductions made by customer. Any adjustments or credit requests must be submitted separately. To secure payment of all sums owed by customer to Privilege for merchandise sold to customer, Privilege shall retain a purchase money security interest in the merchandise delivered. The contact represented by the order and acceptance of delivery of such merchandise pursuant to the terms and conditions described above shall be deemed a Security Agreement under the Uniform Commercial Code. By placing an order for Privilege merchandise, customer authorizes Privilege to execute and file on Buyers behalf all documents deemed necessary to perfect such security interest. Title to all merchandise delivered Privilege shall remain in Privilege until payment is received in full. Privilege actively reports all delinquent accounts to Lyons, Dunn & Bradstreet, TRW, and other credit agencies.

Returns / Claims

a No returns will be accepted without a Privilege International, Inc. Return Authorization.
a All merchandise is carefully inspected and packed when shipped. Therefore, responsibility ceases when the carrier accepts the shipment and issues a receipt. At the time of delivery, please examine all cartons carefully and note any visible damage or shortage on the delivery receipt. Any claim for damage or loss (including concealed damage) against the carrier must be reported to Privilege International, Inc. within 10 days. All packing materials must be retained until an inspection is made, otherwise claims will be denied. Any claims against Privilege International, Inc. for defects, shortages or errors must be made within 10 days from date of invoice. Failure to submit a claim shall constitute full acceptance of the merchandise.

General information

a All orders for Privilege merchandise are subject to acceptance by Privilege International, Inc.
South Gate, CA. Once accepted, all orders are subject exclusively to the terms and conditions explained above. Any variance from these terms and conditions may be made only in writing, and must be signed by the Controller, or an authorized Company Officer. No other authorization or approval shall be binding against Privilege. These terms and conditions are the only ones under which Privilege shall sell its merchandise. Any customer purchase order which purports to vary
any of these terms and conditions shall not be valid, and by acceptance of delivery of Privilege merchandise, customer waives all terms and conditions contained in its purchase order or other documents which are different from or additional to those described above. All orders shall be deemed to be accepted
by Privilege only upon the terms and conditions described above. These terms and conditions
constitute the entire agreement between Privilege and its customer relating to the sales of merchandise, and supersedes and previous written or verbal agreements or understandings with respect to such sales.


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